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    • Humility : a retreat of ritual and pathways 

      Vander Berg, Brett J. (2019)
      This project contains an action research impact study that developed a retreat for first-call, rural, Midwestern, male pastors in their first five years of ministry. The retreat intended for these pastors to have a ...
    • Walking in water : nurturing baptismal identity through congregational worship 

      Smith, Catherine E. (2019)
      How can congregations prepare our young people for the challenges of an unknown future? I came into this project with three assumptions: the key to preparing our young people for the future lies in identity formation; the ...
    • Mindfulness for healthcare staff with direct patient care 

      Samson, Sarah (2019)

      As a chaplain, I work in the context of healthcare with staff who provides direct patient care in the midst of burnout and compassion fatigue. I experience firsthand their stress and anxiousness which results in high ...

    • Asking, giving, and receiving : a practical spirituality of Christian fundraising in Young Life 

      Eastway, Kevin A. (2019)

      This thesis will recast fundraising from a mostly secularized approach to one that views fundraising as a spiritual practice. Young Life staff members are trained in how to proclaim the gospel and program activities in ...

    • Preaching and missional engagement : indwelling the Word, performing the Word, engaging the World 

      Brown, Jonathon P. (2018)

      This project is an appreciative inquiry of a homiletical method that involves interiorizing Scripture for performance as it’s offered at Pillar Church leading to increased missional engagement within the congregation. ...

    • Alberto La Rosa on Theology of Immigration 

      La Rosa, Alberto; Sanchez, Sara (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2019-05-01)
      Today’s guest is WTS Alumnus and Duke Divinity school Th.D. Candidate, Alberto La Rosa. Alberto’s doctoral work focuses on a theology of immigration, and in this interview he shares why his work is important in today’s ...
    • Sandra McCracken on Songwriting 

      McCracken, Sandra; Gabhart, Jonathan (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2019-04-05)
      This episode features songwriter and worship artist, Sandra McCracken. Sandra joined us during “Doxophilia” – a week-long exploration of worship and worship renewal. WTS alum Rev. Jonathan Gabhart sat down to discuss ...
    • Deanna Thompson on Cancer Stories & the Christian Story 

      Thompson, Deanna A., 1966-; DeVries, Katlyn (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2019-03-07)
      Today’s guest is Dr. Deanna Thompson, professor of religion at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN and author of "Glimpsing Resurrection: Cancer, Trauma, and Ministry." Dr. Thompson was diagnosed with metastatic breast ...
    • George Heartwell on Public Theology as Mayor of Grand Rapids 

      Heartwell, George; Swier, Glenn (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2019-01-09)
      A conversation with former Grand Rapids mayor Rev. George Heartwell (WTS '88): “I believe that politics, narrowly defined, has no place in the pulpit. That said, to not preach a prophetic gospel is to diminish and de-fang ...
    • David Dark on Pop-culture and Policy as Liturgy 

      Dark, David, 1969-; Ulmer, Emily (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2018-12-18)
      Dr. David Dark, author of “Life’s Too Short to Pretend You’re Not Religious,” sits down to discuss public theology, pop-culture as witness, and his belief that “policy is liturgy writ large.”
    • Sami Awad & Jessica Montell on Peace in the Holy Land 

      Cannon, Mae Elise, 1976-; Montell, Jessica; ʻAwaḍ, Sāmī (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2018-11-16)
      Rev. Dr. Mae Cannon of “Churches for Middle East Peace” interviews two very special guests; Jessica Montell, and Sami Awad. Jessica is an Israeli Jew, and the Executive Director of Hamoked. Sami is a Palestinian Christian ...
    • Olympic Airways 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (1990)
      Airplane being prepared for departure as the students await their leave inside the Samos Airport.
    • Yellow hydroplane 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (1990)
      Students and seminarians boarding the departing ship.
    • Upper Floor Museum 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (1990)
      Shot of a museum exhibit on the upper floor of St. John's
    • Monk Cells 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (1990)
      The quarters of the Monks above the courtyard.
    • The steps leading to the monk cells. 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (1990)
      From the courtyard steps on the right lead to the quarters of the monks
    • The Frescoes of the Refectory 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (1990)
      The peeling frescoes on the left once covered the walls and ceilings of the refectory.
    • The Refectory 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (1990)
      The great table in the refectory of St. John's.
    • The Refectory entrance 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (1984)
      From the courtyard a doorway leads to the refectory.
    • The Silver Sarcophagus of the Blessed Christodoulos 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (1984)
      The silver sarcophagus of Christodoulos in a niche in the nave.