• 90 foot doors opening to the drive-in church 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (Western Theological Seminary (Holland, Michigan), 19)
      The doors opened the Crystal Cathedral to the drive-in congregation which preferred to worship from their cars. Here we see Dr. Schuller addressing the drive-in congregation from his pulpit.
    • After worship 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (Western Theological Seminary (Holland, Michigan), 19)
      In the right lower middle range, note the photographers still at work for the Hour of Power.
    • Alison Adam & Greg Scheer on global music 

      Adam, Alison; Sheer, Greg (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2017-04-05)
      In this episode, Alison Adam and Greg Scheer discuss the question, “How can Global Music in Western Worship be done authentically and respectfully?” This episode was filmed at the Calvin Symposium on Worship.
    • Bruce Benedict on the retuned hymn movement 

      Benedict, Bruce; Bast, Andrew (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2016-09-14)
      In this episode Andy Bast sat down with Bruce Benedict, chaplain of worship arts at Hope College and founder of Cardiphonia, to talk about the retuned hymn movement–in which musicians compose new music to old hymn texts.
    • Carlos Colón on music and engaging social issues 

      Colón, Carlos; Figueroa, Larry (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2018-03-13)
      In this episode, El Salvadorian composer and liturgist, Carlos Colón discusses his harrowing escape from El Salvador, finding a home in the church, and what the role of art is in engaging social issues.
    • Central fountain 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (Western Theological Seminary (Holland, Michigan), 19)
      Running the length of the interior worship space was the multi-jet fountain. European commentators frequently identified the fountain as for baptism. While it could have served that purpose, it carried the effect of placing ...
    • Chapel detail and organ 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (Western Theological Seminary (Holland, Michigan), 19)
      The chapel of the Tower of Hope also had an excellent pipe organ for worship and the sounding board under which Dr. Schuller is addressing seminary conference attendees.
    • Crystal Cathedral viewed from one of the star points 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (Western Theological Seminary (Holland, Michigan), 19)
      The Crystal Cathedral could seat three thousand worshipers who could gain entrance and egress from multiple entrances/exits. Here the new worship space is shown in relationship to the earlier Tower of Hope.
    • Eric Sarwar on faith and music 

      Sarwar, Eric; Vlisides, James (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2017-09-05)
      Pakistani ethnomusicologist Eric Sarwar shares how his Christian faith has influenced his work, and what he is doing to connect with Muslim neighbors in his country using the Psalms.
    • Full musical resources 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (Western Theological Seminary (Holland, Michigan), 19)
      The importance of music to worship at the Crystal Cathedral is apparent with the great organ, choir, and orchestra.
    • Interior church room 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (Western Theological Seminary (Holland, Michigan), 19)
      The interior of the worship space of the Crystal Cathedral as seen from the central balcony with one of the balcony's of the star points on the extreme right of the photo. The 90 foot doors behind the pulpit open to the ...
    • Interior of Neutra church 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (Western Theological Seminary (Holland, Michigan), 19)
      The Neutra building was a multi purpose space used for worship and for conference events. The liturgical focus is seen among the foliage with the square white of the pulpit and the white diagonal of the stairs to the ...
    • Isaac Wardell and David Bailey on faith & work 

      Wardell, Isaac; Bailey, David (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2017-07-13)
      Isaac Wardell of Bifrost Arts and David Bailey of Arrabon discuss what Faith and Vocation means to them during the Calvin Symposium on Worship.
    • John Bell on civility and worship 

      Bell, John L. (John Lamberton), 1949-; Rienstra, Ron, 1965- (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2018-05-17)
      This episode features Scottish worship leader and liturgist, John Bell. Dr. Ron Rienstra sat down with John to discuss how worship and story can connect us despite divisions.
    • John Witvliet on worship renewal 

      Witvliet, John D.; Rienstra, Ron, 1965- (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2017-03-06)
      In this episode, Dr. John Witvliet, Director of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, discusses changes and renewal in the art and practice of church worship.
    • Sandra McCracken on Songwriting 

      McCracken, Sandra; Gabhart, Jonathan (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2019-04-05)
      This episode features songwriter and worship artist, Sandra McCracken. Sandra joined us during “Doxophilia” – a week-long exploration of worship and worship renewal. WTS alum Rev. Jonathan Gabhart sat down to discuss ...
    • Synod synopsis '96 : June 8-14, 1996, Orange City, Iowa ; with Spring Sabbath overview 

      Reformed Church in America. General Synod (Grand Rapids : Reformed Church Productions, 1996., 1996)
      Issues highlighted include salvation through Christ alone, constitutional inquiry, homosexuality, the ecumenical mandate, church burnings, and church revitalization. This presentation also contains a brief overview of ...
    • Water of Crystal Cathedral 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (Western Theological Seminary (Holland, Michigan), 19)
      Schuller also made fine use of water in his buildings. Here fountains play immediately adjacent to the Crystal Cathedral as worshipers enter. From ancient times, Christianity has associated water with God's creation, with ...
    • Wendell Kimbrough on civility through the Psalms 

      Kimbrough, Wendell; Bast, Andrew (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2018-02-23)
      Songwriter and worship leader Wendell Kimbrough discusses how music, and specifically singing the Psalms, can be an outlet for emotion and lament that leads to more fruitful civil dialogue within the church.