• Bema at the Forum 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (1984)
      Tourists standing over the bema at the Forum in Philippi.
    • Bema Close Up 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (1984)
      Close up of Bema, student standing next to the plaque.
    • Bema from Acts 18 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (1984)
      Student standing on top of the bema.
    • Bema in Ancient Corinth 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (Western Theological Seminary (Holland, Michigan), 19)
      To appreciate the role of even local martyrs we go to Ancient Corinth and the bema before which the apostle Paul was brought for trial. The bema with Acrocorinth in the background.
    • Elevated Bema, Church of the Assumption 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (1984)
      The elevated Bema in the midst of the nave of the Church of the Assumption
    • Foundation for Bema and Solea 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (1984)
      Foundations for the bema and the solea leading to the apse.
    • Imperial Rostra 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (Western Theological Seminary (Holland, Michigan), 1977)
      The vertical incisions on the front of the Rostrum held, as trophies, the iron beaks or rostra from enemy ships taken in the battle of Antium in 338 BC. From this rostrum, Anthony addressed the Romans after the assassination ...
    • Interior church room 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (Western Theological Seminary (Holland, Michigan), 19)
      The interior of the worship space of the Crystal Cathedral as seen from the central balcony with one of the balcony's of the star points on the extreme right of the photo. The 90 foot doors behind the pulpit open to the ...