• Dr. Kristen Deede Johnson on faith and justice 

      Johnson, Kristen Deede; Small, Kyle J. A. (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2017-10-24)
      In this episode, Dr. Kristen Deede Johnson discusses her award-winning book "The Justice Calling: Where Passion meets Perseverance," and what justice and righteousness look like in our lives and vocations.
    • Dr. Leah Gunning Francis on faith following Ferguson 

      Gunning Francis, Leah; Small, Kyle J. A. (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2019-12-25)

      When it comes to the work of racial justice, this year’s Stoutemire lecturer Dr. Leah Gunning Francis says two things the church needs are courage, and the will to listen.

      “The dominant narrative in our world is ...

    • From puffs of dust to pockets of grace : the present-future of RCA Global Mission 

      Sundararajan, J. P. (John Paul) (2022)

      RCA Global Mission has been the prophetic voice on the forefront of changing tides around the world, and in many cases, helped usher in change in global missions and missiology. RCA Global Mission has been the glue that ...

    • Intervention manual for Episcopal congregations separated from clergy out of conflict 

      Croom, James (2015)

      This study develops clear guidance to interim leadership in congregations immediately after separation of clergy from conflict. The guidance is offered in manual form intended for use in the Episcopal Church. However, ...

    • Kris DePree & Jody Vanderwel on the legacy of Max DePree 

      De Pree, Kris; Vanderwel, Jody; Small, Kyle J. A. (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2017-12-14)
      In the final episode of Season 3, Kris DePree and Jody Vanderwel discuss the faith legacy of their father, Max DePree–renowned leader, author, and former CEO of Herman Miller. “What drove him was his belief that everyone ...
    • Post-Christian narratives for liturgical formation: formation, worship, and mission at Alger Park Church 

      DeWit, Stephen A.B. (2018)

      After some unexpected shifts in my own faith journey, and in the faith journeys of some people I deeply love, I found myself wondering how I, and my friends and neighbors who have left or never known the church, might ...

    • Preaching and missional engagement : indwelling the Word, performing the Word, engaging the World 

      Brown, Jonathon P. (2018)

      This project is an appreciative inquiry of a homiletical method that involves interiorizing Scripture for performance as it’s offered at Pillar Church leading to increased missional engagement within the congregation. ...

    • Rooted and reaching : liturgically formed for mission 

      Barnes, Miriam A. (2022)

      This is a project about Second Reformed Church in Zeeland, Michigan at the intersection of missiology, ecclesiology, and leadership—the three main subjects of the cohort, Leading with God Ahead of Us. This project ...

    • Wes Granberg-Michaelson on public theology & future faith 

      Granberg-Michaelson, Wesley; Small, Kyle J. A. (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2018-10-30)
      Wes Granberg-Michaelson, author of several books including "Future Faith: Ten Challenges for Reshaping Christianity in the 21st Century" sits down with Kyle Small to discuss his start in public theology, his latest book, ...