• Baptistery Interior with surrounding screens and font 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (1992)
      Shot of the baptistery including font and surrounding screens.
    • Baptistery pool of Lydia 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (1992)
      Close up of font inside baptismal pool at the Baptistery of Lydia.
    • Rood screen 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (Western Theological Seminary (Holland, Michigan), 1984)
      The ornate rood screen separating chancel from nave is a Rococo filigree of bronze.
    • Screen 

      Bruggink, Donald J.
      The Capuchinas are an order of cloistered nuns who in the presence of visitors would worship from behind the screen.
    • View from behind screen 

      Bruggink, Donald J.
      From behind the screen the celebration of the Sacrament is fully visible at close proximity.