• Church entrance 

      Bruggink, Donald J.
      At the street corner of the pool is the entry to the church, where Inadomi again uses the form of a fish for door pulls.
    • Door Pull 

      Bruggink, Donald J.
      Inadomi again uses the symbolism of a figure holding a book as entry into the great worship room.
    • Door pull 

      Bruggink, Donald J.
      The door pull takes the form of a fish, an early Christian symbol, the acrostic for which was Jesus Christ God's Son Savior.
    • Door pulls 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (Western Theological Seminary (Holland, Michigan) in partnership with Calvin College (Grand Rapids, Michigan), 1986)
      The door pulls are sculpted images of the four evangelists-witnesses to the Christ. It is nice that upon entering the Christuskirche you are welcomed by the four evangelists to Christ.
    • Door Pulls 

      Bruggink, Donald J.
      Figures holding Old and New Testament.
    • Hardware and latticework 

      Bruggink, Donald J. (Western Theological Seminary (Holland, Michigan), 1986)
      The details of the hardware on the doors again illustrates an elegance of detailing.