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  • Ecclesiology and discipleship : rediscovering an effective communal approach 

    McAndrews, Robert Edwin (2019)

    I love what the Reformed Church in America adopted in 2013 as its 15-year vision for ministry (condensed to this phrase), “Transformed and Transforming.” It is both “life change” and “life changing.” There’s a considerable ...

  • Hispanic Pentecostal ministry in greater Grand Rapids : balancing calling and training toward a sustainable and healthy ministry 

    Guzman, Julian (2020)

    Leadership styles, worship, and liturgy of the Hispanic Pentecostal congregations are shaped by their rich, diverse cultural background. While they offer a welcoming and familiar community to migrating families, there ...

  • Commons vol.23 no.3 (June 2020) 

    Western Theological Seminary (Holland, Mich.) (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2020-06-15)
    The Class of 2020, Distinguished Alum Karl OverBeek ’66, Ugandan Blessing, Chaplains serving during Covid-19, Carol Bechtel reflection from Italy, Jeff Munroe retirement reflections, pandemic report
  • Commons vol.23 no.2 (March 2020) 

    Western Theological Seminary (Holland, Mich.) (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2020-03-03)
    Highlights from the last decade, Chris Godfredsen student story, Katie Alley ’19 alum story, tribute to former president Marv Hoff, WTS awarded $1 million grant, WTS alum becomes Archbishop of Uganda
  • Commons vol.23 no.1 (Fall 2019) 

    Western Theological Seminary (Holland, Mich.) (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2019-11)
    Inauguration of President Felix Theonugraha, Girod Fellowship, Julie Myers ’17 alum story, tribute to Stan Rock, Calls to Class of 2019, 2018-19 annual report

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