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Western Theological Seminary's Digital Collection comprises two main areas:

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Cook Library [3449]
Western Theological Seminary Community [277]
  • Olympic Airways 

    Bruggink, Donald J. (1990)
    Airplane being prepared for departure as the students await their leave inside the Samos Airport.
  • Yellow hydroplane 

    Bruggink, Donald J. (1990)
    Students and seminarians boarding the departing ship.
  • Upper Floor Museum 

    Bruggink, Donald J. (1990)
    Shot of a museum exhibit on the upper floor of St. John's
  • Monk Cells 

    Bruggink, Donald J. (1990)
    The quarters of the Monks above the courtyard.
  • The steps leading to the monk cells. 

    Bruggink, Donald J. (1990)
    From the courtyard steps on the right lead to the quarters of the monks