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  • Greg Lee on mass incarceration 

    Lee, Gregory W., 1978-; Erickson, Anna (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2020-04-16)

    In this episode, Dr. Greg Lee, Associate Professor of Theology and Urban Studies at Wheaton College, discusses Augustine and Mass Incarceration. Much of Dr. Lee’s work appropriates Augustine as a resource for addressing ...

  • Joseph Small on ecclesiology in a divided age 

    Small, Joseph D.; Billings, J. Todd (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2020-03-04)

    Rev. Dr. Joseph Small talks about church unity, denominations, and living as the Body of Christ:

    “There’s something about the faith that impels us into relationship with each other. Now what happens, especially ...
  • Jana Bennett on marriage & singleness 

    Bennett, Jana Marguerite, 1975-; Schetelich, James (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2020-02-13)
    Today’s guest is Dr. Jana Bennett, Professor of Religion at the University of Dayton. Dr. Bennett is a moral theologian and author of Water is Thicker than Blood: An Augustinian Theology of Marriage and Singleness. ...
  • Dr. Leah Gunning Francis on faith following Ferguson 

    Gunning Francis, Leah; Small, Kyle J. A. (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2019-12-25)

    When it comes to the work of racial justice, this year’s Stoutemire lecturer Dr. Leah Gunning Francis says two things the church needs are courage, and the will to listen.

    “The dominant narrative in our world is ...

  • Lisa Sharon Harper on patriarchy, reparations, & orthodoxy 

    Harper, Lisa Sharon; Kingdom-Grier, C.J. (Holland, Mich. : Western Theological Seminary, 2019-10-04)
    Today’s guest is speaker, writer and activist, Lisa Sharon Harper. Lisa is the Chief Church Engagement Officer at Sojourners and has written extensively on shalom and governance, immigration reform, health care reform, ...

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