Charism and office

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Samuel Cruz


The Reformed Church in America has been challenged in many different ways in the last several decades, resulting in concern and dialogue among church leaders and various constituencies. The role of office in our denomination has been a topic of much discussion in recent years. Many questions have been raised, such as, "Why do we have only four offices? Can they be expanded? What should the qualifications be?" It is my intention to analyze briefly the role of charism and office within the context of the discussions taking place in our denomination. My perspective is that of a Latino man who is committed, involved, and concerned about urban ministry. At the inception of this presentation, I would like to state clearly the theological and sociological biases that inform my understanding of charism and office. My intention is to be reflexive in my approach, in an effort to recognize that the participant's agenda, perhaps unconscious, will inevitably influence her/his understanding of these current discussions regarding office. As an individual, I am extremely concerned with the cultural and social ramifications of the theological decisions made by the church.

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