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Michael P. DeJonge
Christopher Dorn
Christopher B. Kaiser
Earl William Kennedy
Jack Kilcrease

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DeJonge, M. P., Dorn, C., Kaiser, C. B., Kennedy, E. W., & Kilcrease, J. (2009). Book Reviews. Reformed Review, 62(1), 43-56. Retrieved from
Dramm, Sabine, 1943- . Dietrich Bonhoeffer : an introduction to his thought; Moore-Keish, Martha L. Do this in remembrance of me : a ritual approach to Reformed Eucharistic theology; Collins, Adela Yarbro. King and Messiah as Son of God : divine, human, and angelic Messianic figures in biblical and related literature; Muether, John R. Cornelius Van Til : Reformed apologist and churchman; Muller, Richard A. (Richard Alfred), 1948- . Post-Reformation reformed dogmatics : the rise and development of reformed orthodoxy, ca. 1520 to ca. 1725
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