Christian-Muslim relations: testing our credibility

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Michael S. Bos


My life and work revolve around building bridges between Christians and Muslims, an activity in which I engage within an Islamic context. As one can imagine, my personal and professional credibility are of great importance and directly influence how I express a Christian understanding of relationships between Christians and Muslims. This has not always been easy. I work within an emerging civil society, which presents opportunities to cooperate with others to benefit the community. Sometimes I am asked, quite bluntly, whether my real motive in working to promote the common good is actually to open up avenues for evangelism. This is a fair question, one which is being asked not only in my part of the world. In fact, it has emerged as a question posed to all who do ministry in the public square. Clearly there is much at stake in how we reply. Either we give an honest and credible answer, or risk sidelining ourselves in society.

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