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Peter Van Elderen
John R. Kleinheksel
I. John Hesselink
Christopher B. Kaiser
Amy Nyland
Robert J. Hoeksema

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Van Elderen, P., Kleinheksel, J. R., Hesselink, I. J., Kaiser, C. B., Nyland, A., & Hoeksema, R. J. (2008). Book Reviews. Reformed Review, 61(2), 90-98. Retrieved from
Moore, T. M. (Terry Michael), 1949- . Culture matters : a call for consensus on Christian cultural engagement ; Rynne, Terrence J., 1942- . Gandhi and Jesus : the saving power of nonviolence ; Mikkonen, Juha. Luther and Calvin on Paul's Epistle to the Galatians ; Giles, Gordon. The music of praise : meditations on great hymns of the church ; Crawford, Sidnie White. Rewriting Scripture in Second Temple times ; Williams, Daniel H. Tradition, Scripture, and interpretation : a sourcebook of the ancient church ; Byars, Ronald P. What language shall I borrow? : the Bible and Christian worship.
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