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Christopher Dorn
Amy Nyland
Christopher B. Kaiser
David W. Jurgens
James Elisha Taneti
J. Todd Billings
Michael P. DeJonge
Barry L. Wynveen
Aaron Vriesman

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Dorn, C., Nyland, A., Kaiser, C. B., Jurgens, D. W., Taneti, J. E., Billings, J. T., DeJonge, M. P., Wynveen, B. L., & Vriesman, A. (2008). Book Reviews. Reformed Review, 61(1), 27-39. Retrieved from
Witvliet, John D. The biblical Psalms in Christian worship : a brief introduction and guide to resources; Purves, Andrew, 1946- . The crucifixion of ministry : surrendering our ambitions to the service of Christ; Skarsaune, Oskar, 1946- . Jewish believers in Jesus : the early centuries; Moloney, Francis J. The living voice of the Gospels; Van Gelder, Craig. The missional church in context : helping congregations develop contextual ministry; Blei, Karel. The Netherlands Reformed Church, 1571-2005; Brownson, James V. The promise of baptism : an introduction to baptism in Scripture and the Reformed tradition; Schmiechen, Peter. Saving power : theories of atonement and forms of the church; Horsley, Richard A. Scribes, Visionaries, and the Politics of Second Temple Judea; Sheeres, Janet Sjaarda. Son of seccession : Douwe J. Vander Werp; Smith, James K. A., 1970- . Who's afraid of postmodernism? : taking Derrida, Lyotard, and Foucault to church
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