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Fitz Neal
Kent Van Til
Matthew J. Van Masstricht
Michael P. DeJonge
Barry L. Wynveen
Tom Merchant
David W. Jurgens
Rebekah Zorgdrager
Kamren Zorgdrager
Terrance L. Tiessen
Amy E. Avery
Eugene P. Heideman

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Neal, F., Van Til, K., Van Masstricht, M. J., DeJonge, M. P., Wynveen, B. L., Merchant, T., Jurgens, D. W., Zorgdrager, R., Zorgdrager, K., Tiessen, T. L., Avery, A. E., & Heideman, E. P. (2007). Book Reviews. Reformed Review, 60(3), 147-164. Retrieved from
Placher, William C. (William Carl), 1948-2008. Callings : twenty centuries of Christian wisdom on vocation; Gay, Craig M. Cash values : money and the erosion of meaning in today's society; Catherwood, H. F. R. (Henry Frederick Ross), Sir, 1925-2014. The creation of wealth : recovering a Christian understanding of money, work, and ethics; Vander Zee, Leonard J., 1945- . Christ, baptism, and the Lord's Supper : recovering the sacraments for evangelical worship; Penner, Myron B., 1968- . Christianity and the postmodern turn : six views; González, Justo L. Essential theological terms; Cosden, Darrell. The heavenly good of earthly work; Hurtado, Larry W., 1943- . How on earth did Jesus become a god? : historical questions about earliest devotion to Jesus; Ferguson, Everett. Inheriting wisdom : readings for today from ancient Christian writers; Guy, Laurie. Introducing early Christianity : a topical survey of its life, beliefs, and practices; Stellingwerff, Johannes, 1924- . Iowa letters : Dutch immigrants on the American frontier; Edwards, James R. Is Jesus the only Savior?; Holder Rich, Cynthia. Learning disabilities and the church : including all God's kids in your education and worship; Smith, James K. A., 1970- . Radical Orthodoxy and the Reformed tradition : creation, covenant, and participation; Shults, F. LeRon. Reforming the doctrine of God; Reuver, A. de, 1942- . Sweet communion : trajectories of spirituality from the Middle Ages through the Further Reformation; Parry, Robin A. Universal salvation? : the current debate; Wilson, Jonathan R. Why church matters : worship, ministry, and mission in practice
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