A response to John Sanders on providence: "your God is too small!"

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I. John Hesselink


This essay of John Sanders is in many ways a summary of the case made for open theism in his large, seminal work, The God Who Risks. A Theology of Providence. This was a pioneering work and is still probably the most scholarly philosophical-theological presentation of the movement known as open theism or free will theism. This movement, whose other principal exponents are Gregory Boyd, Clark Pinnock, and the philosophers, William Hasker and David Basinger, has evoked a firestorm in the evangelical community (all of these people consider themselves evangelicals) with the result that there was an effort to remove open theists from the Evangelical Theological Society. Sanders documents that dispute in this essay.

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Open theism; God -- Attributes; God -- Biblical teaching; God -- Foreknowledge; God -- Immutability; God -- Omniscience; God -- Providence; God -- Sovereignty; Free will and determinism; Evangelicalism -- Controversial literature; Church controversies; Theology, Doctrinal