Toward a Reformed theology of prayer and spiritual direction: a response to John Sanders

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Celaine Bouma-Prediger


I read with great interest Dr. John Sanders’ article on open theism, in which he explains how he came to this belief as well as his understanding of this theology. What caught my eye immediately was his desire to find a theology of prayer which led him to open theism, which he states comes out of the freewill theistic tradition of the church. Since open theism is not a subject with which I am very familiar, this prompted a fair bit of study and theological reflection.

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Open theism; God -- Attributes; God -- Biblical teaching; God -- Foreknowledge; God -- Immutability; God -- Omniscience; God -- Providence; God -- Sovereignty; Free will and determinism; Evangelicalism -- Controversial literature; Church controversies; Theology, Doctrinal; Reformed Church -- Theology; Prayer -- Christianity