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Robert J. Hoeksema
Carl E. Gearheart
Angie L. Mabry-Nauta
Burrell Pennings
Amy E. Avery

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Hoeksema, R. J., Gearheart, C. E., Mabry-Nauta, A. L., Pennings, B., & Avery, A. E. (2006). Book Reviews. Reformed Review, 60(1), 22-30. Retrieved from
Avram, Wes, 1959- . Anxious about empire : theological essays on the new global realities; Glaser, Ida. The Bible and other faiths : Christian responsibility in a world of religions; Balla, Peter. The Child-Parent Relationship in the New Testament and Its Environment; Coakley, John Wayland. Concord makes strength : essays in reformed ecumenism; Hoge, Dean R., 1937-2008. Pastors in transition : why clergy leave local church ministry; Fennema, Jack. The religious nature and biblical nurture of God's children : a guide for parents and teachers; Enns, Fernando, 1964- . Seeking cultures of peace : a peace church conversation; McWilliams, Warren. Where is the God of justice? : biblical perspectives on suffering; Pearse, Meic. Why the rest hates the West : understanding the roots of global rage
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