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Barry L. Wynveen
Elizabeth Potter
I. John Hesselink
Michael P. DeJonge
David W. Jurgens

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Wynveen, B. L., Potter, E., Hesselink, I. J., DeJonge, M. P., & Jurgens, D. W. (2006). Book Reviews. Reformed Review, 59(1), 139-146. Retrieved from
Bruins, Elton J., 1927- . Albertus and Christina : the Van Raalte Family, home and roots ; O'Grady, Ron. The hidden shame of the church : sexual abuse of children and the church ; Hart, John W., 1955- . Karl Barth vs. Emil Brunner : the formation and dissolution of a theological alliance, 1916-1936 ; Feinberg, John S., 1946- . The many faces of evil : theological systems and the problem of evil ; Dunn, James D. G., 1939- . A new perspective on Jesus : what the quest for the historical Jesus missed ; Willis, David (David E.). Notes on the holiness of God ; Vanhoozer, Kevin J. Nothing greater, nothing better : theological essays on the love of God
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