More reflections on the synod of 1969

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Carol Hageman


Before I begin my reflections, I want to make a prefatory comment about the issue of women’s ordination at the synod of 1969. The question was put to me why the one and only demonstration for women’s ordination occurred at this synod. Of course I don't know all the answers that might be made for this question, but I believe it was a natural consequence of time and place. As the minutes of the synod reveal, there were attempts to raise the topic: an overture specifically mentioning ordination of elders and deacons from the Classis of Albany, overtures from the Classis of Mid-Hudson and from the Classis of Philadelphia recommending a change in government pertaining to ordination of elders and deacons to remove the word male; and another from the Classis of Mid-Hudson covering minister of the Word along with elders and deacons. With this background, plus the fact that the synod was being held in New Brunswick, a natural setting for approval of the ordination of women to all offices of the church, it was no accident that such a demonstration was held.

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