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Michael P. DeJonge
Donna Rathert
Mark G. McKim
Thomas A. Kopecek
John Jaeger
David W. Jurgens
Amy de Groot Bowling
Earl William Kennedy
Sylvio J. Scorza
Robert J. Hoeksema
Peter Van Elderen

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DeJonge, M. P., Rathert, D., McKim, M. G., Kopecek, T. A., Jaeger, J., Jurgens, D. W., de Groot Bowling, A., Kennedy, E. W., Scorza, S. J., Hoeksema, R. J., & Van Elderen, P. (2004). Book Reviews. Reformed Review, 58(1), 63-77. Retrieved from
Gunton, Colin E. Act and being : towards a theology of the divine attributes; Webber, Robert. Ancient-future evangelism : making your church a faith-forming community; Reppert, Victor. C.S. Lewis's dangerous idea : a philosophical defense of Lewis's argument from reason; Longenecker, Richard N. Community formation in the early church and the church today; Jehle, Frank. Ever against the stream : the politics of Karl Barth, 1906-1968; McClymond, Michael James, 1958- . Familiar stranger : an introduction to Jesus of Nazareth; Watson, Natalie K. Feminist theology; Dovre, Paul J. The future of religious colleges; Dickson, Athol, 1955- . The Gospel according to Moses : what my Jewish friends taught me about Jesus; Borgman, Dean. Hear my story : understanding the cries of troubled youth; Farley, Edward, 1929-2014. Practicing Gospel : unconventional thoughts on the church's ministry; Newbigin, Lesslie. Signs amid the rubble : the purposes of God in human history; Brownson, James V. StormFront : the good news of God; Welker, Michael, 1947- . What happens in Holy Communion?
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