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Arie Blok
Jonathan C. Brownson
Steven L. Petroelje
Robert J. Hoeksema
Terrance L. Tiessen
Ralph W. Vunderink
Curtis Gruenler
Robert A. Coughenour
Patrick L. Blackwell
Isaac C. Rottenberg
Christopher B. Kaiser
David L. Stubbs
Carl E. Gearhart
Earl William Kennedy
Thomas A. Kopecek
Marvin D. Hoff
Jess Scholten
Ronald B. Mayers

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Blok, A., Brownson, J. C., Petroelje, S. L., Hoeksema, R. J., Tiessen, T. L., Vunderink, R. W., Gruenler, C., Coughenour, R. A., Blackwell, P. L., Rottenberg, I. C., Kaiser, C. B., Stubbs, D. L., Gearhart, C. E., Kennedy, E. W., Kopecek, T. A., Hoff, M. D., Scholten, J., & Mayers, R. B. (2002). Book Reviews. Reformed Review, 56(1), 77-91. Retrieved from
Mathewson, Steven D. (Steven Dale), 1961- . The art of preaching Old Testament narrative; Hurtado, Larry W., 1943- . At the origins of Christian worship : the context and character of earliest Christian devotion; Brouwer, Douglas J. Beyond "I do" : what Christians believe about marriage; Vander Broek, Lyle D. Breaking barriers : the possibilities of Christian community in a lonely world; Burtness, James H. Consequences : morality, ethics, and the future; Keener, Craig S., 1960- . Gift and giver : the Holy Spirit for today; Nuth, Joan M. God's lovers in an age of anxiety : the medieval English mystics; Hughes, Richard T. (Richard Thomas), 1943- . How Christian faith can sustain the life of the mind; Smidt, Corwin E., 1946- . In God we trust? : religion and American political life; Skarsaune, Oskar, 1946- . In the shadow of the temple : Jewish influences on early Christianity; Longenecker, Richard N. Into God's presence : prayer in the New Testament; Gundry, Robert H. (Robert Horton), 1932- . Jesus the Word according to John the sectarian : a paleofundamentalist manifesto for contemporary evangelicalism, especially its elites, in North America; Bruteau, Beatrice, 1930- . Jesus through Jewish eyes : rabbis and scholars engage an ancient brother in a new conversation; Laenen, J. H. Jewish mysticism : an introduction; Price, Daniel J. Karl Barth's anthropology in light of modern thought; Küster, Volker, 1962- . The many faces of Jesus Christ : intercultural christology; Schreiter, Robert J. Mission in the third millennium; Noll, Mark A., 1946- . The Princeton theology, 1812-1921 : scripture, science, theological method from Archibald Alexander to Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield; Hill, Charles E. (Charles Evan), 1956- . Regnum caelorum : patterns of millennial thought in early Christianity; Foust, Thomas F. A Scandalous prophet : the way of mission after Newbigin; Nelson-Pallmeyer, Jack. School of assassins: guns, greed and gloablization; Witherington, Ben, III, 1951- . The shadow of the Almighty : Father, Son, and Spirit in biblical perspective; Paterson, Gillian. Still flowing : women, God and church; Angrosino, Michael V. Talking about cultural diversity in your church : gifts and challenges; Craig, William Lane. Time and eternity : exploring God's relationship to time; Malone, Mary T. Women & Christianity, volume I: the first 1000 years
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