Awake to the spirit

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Edward E. Thornton


Please note that the title of this essay provides no hint that its materials are drawn primarily from Dante's Divine Comedy. Dante provides the images and sings the songs of the journey that I, too, am taking in the trans-personal zone. My strongest hope is that I may, with Dante's help, be able to articulate for my readers what is virtually beyond words and perhaps lure them into a lover's longing to be awake to the Spirit on their life's journey.

For our purposes, then, the Divine Comedy is simply embraced for what it is: a masterfully told story rich in meaning. Both Dante's literary genius and my talent for literary criticism are left to the side. The theme is our human destiny: your potential and mine to be awake to the Spirit.

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Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321; Spirit; Self-realization; Paradise in literature; Pilgrims and pilgrimages in literature