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William Klempa
Peter Van Elderen
Robert J. Hoeksema
Carl E. Gearhart
Paul M. Smith
Harry Buis
Carl J. Schroeder
Glenn Wyper
I. John Hesselink
Elton J. Bruins
David W. Jurgens
Terrance L. Tiessen
Barry L. Wynveen

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Klempa, W., Van Elderen, P., Hoeksema, R. J., Gearhart, C. E., Smith, P. M., Buis, H., Schroeder, C. J., Wyper, G., Hesselink, I. J., Bruins, E. J., Jurgens, D. W., Tiessen, T. L., & Wynveen, B. L. (2001). Book Reviews. Reformed Review, 55(1), 71-84. Retrieved from
Cameron, Nigel M. de S. Bioengagement : making a Christian difference through bioethics today; Hesselink, I. John, 1928- . Calvin's first catechism : a commentary : featuring Ford Lewis Battles' translation of the 1538 Catechism; Gushee, David P. Christians and Politics beyond the Culture Wars: An Agenda for Engagement; Schultze, Quentin J. (Quentin James), 1952- . Communicating for life : Christian stewardship in community and media; Heim, S. Mark. The depth of the riches : a Trinitarian theology of religious ends; Hart, Trevor A. The dictionary of historical theology; Schwarz, Hans, 1939- . Eschatology; Beeke, Joel R., 1952- . Forerunner of the Great Awakening : sermons by Theodorus Jacobus Frelinghuysen (1691-1747); Bolt, John, 1947- . A free church, a holy nation : Abraham Kuyper's American public theology; Avalos, Hector. Health care and the rise of Christianity; McKim, Donald K. Introducing the Reformed faith : Biblical revelation, Christian tradition, contemporary significance; Van Voorst, Robert E. Jesus outside the New Testament : an introduction to the ancient evidence; Lane, A. N. S. John Calvin : student of the church fathers; Stackhouse, Max L., Tim Dearborn, and Scott Paeth. The local church in a global era : reflections for a new century; Eskridge, Larry, 1954- . More money, more ministry : money and evangelicals in recent North American history; Hultgren, Arland J. The parables of Jesus : a commentary; Snyder, T. Richard, 1936- . The Protestant ethic and the spirit of punishment; Pannenberg, Wolfhart, 1928- . Systematic theology, volume III; Goldewijk, Berma Klein. Where needs meet rights : economic, social and cultural rights in a new perspective
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