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Mark G. McKim
Eugene P. Heideman
Harry Boonstra
Terrance L. Tiessen
Arie Blok
I. John Hesselink
Robert J. Hoeksema
Glenn Wyper

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McKim, M. G., Heideman, E. P., Boonstra, H., Tiessen, T. L., Blok, A., Hesselink, I. J., Hoeksema, R. J., & Wyper, G. (2001). Book Reviews. Reformed Review, 54(3), 231-238. Retrieved from
Duriez, Colin. The C.S. Lewis encyclopedia : a complete guide to his life, thought, and writings; Horton, Michael Scott. A confessing theology for postmodern times; Janssen, Allan J., 1948- . Constitutional theology : notes on the Book of church order of the Reformed Church in America; Krabbendam, Hans, 1964- . The Dutch-American experience : essays in honor of Robert P. Swierenga; LaGrand, James. The earliest Christian mission to 'all nations' : in the light of Matthew's Gospel; Bruggen, J. van, 1936- . Jesus the Son of God : the Gospel narratives as message; Selderhuis, H. J., 1961- . Marriage and divorce in the thought of Martin Bucer; Klaas, Alan C. Quiet conversations : concrete help for weary ministry leaders; Zahl, Paul F. M. A short systematic theology; Schreiner, Thomas R. Still sovereign : contemporary perspectives on election, foreknowledge, & grace; Alston, Wallace M. Theology in the service of the church : essays in honor of Thomas W. Gillespie
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