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George P. Timberlake Mark G. McKim I. John Hesselink Peter Van Elderen Robert J. Hoeksema Tom Elenbaas Arie Blok David W. Jurgens Terrance L. Tiessen Brenda M. Clark Glenn Wyper Mark E. Mast Dean Van Farowe Paul W. Zoschke Thomas A. Kopecek Phillip Luke Sinitiere Brenda M. Clark Troy Nanninga Elton J. Bruins

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Jacques, Geneviève. Beyond impunity : an ecumenical approach to truth, justice and reconciliation; Nichols, Aidan. Christendom awake : on re-energising the church in culture; Davis, Thomas J. (Thomas Jeffery), 1958- . The clearest promises of God : the development of Calvin's eucharistic teaching; Van Gelder, Craig. Confident witness, changing world : rediscovering the Gospel in North America; Guder, Darrell L., 1939- . The continuing conversion of the church; Berger, Peter L., 1929- . The desecularization of the world : resurgent religion and world politics; Van Gelder, Craig. The essence of the church : a community created by the Spirit; Swierenga, Robert P. Family quarrels in the Dutch Reformed churches in the nineteenth century: the Pillar church sesquicentennial series; Twelftree, Graham H. Jesus the miracle worker : a historical & theological study; Fuller, Millard. More than houses : how Habitat for Humanity is transforming lives and neighborhoods; Porter, Jean, 1955- . Natural and divine law : reclaiming the tradition for Christian ethics; Stevens, R. Paul, 1937- . The other six days : vocation, work, and ministry in biblical perspective; Cooper, John W., 1947- . Our Father in heaven : Christian faith and inclusive language for God; Webber, Robert. Planning blended worship : the creative mixture of old and new; Goldsworthy, Graeme. Preaching the whole Bible as Christian scripture : the application of biblical theology to expository preaching; Kilner, John Frederic. The reproduction revolution : a Christian appraisal of sexuality, reproductive technologies, and the family; Williams, Daniel H. Retrieving the tradition and renewing evangelicalism : a primer for suspicious Protestants; Sobosan, Jeffrey G., 1946- . Romancing the universe : theology, cosmology, and science; Ratzsch, Delvin Lee. Science & its limits : the natural sciences in Christian perspective; Frost, Michael, 1961- . Seeing God in the ordinary : a theology of the everyday; Dawn, Marva J. The unnecessary pastor : rediscovering the call; Fabend, Firth Haring, 1937- . Zion on the Hudson : Dutch New York and New Jersey in the age of revivals
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