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Christopher Dorn
Ronald B. Mayers
Harry Buis
George P. Timberlake
Donald J. Bruggink
Elton J. Bruins
Donald Wacome
Brenda M. Clark
Glenn Wyper
Burrell Pennings
Steven L. Petroelje
Arie Blok
Amy Jo Meredith
Terrance L. Tiessen
Robert J. Hoeksema
Ralph W. Vunderink
Paul W. Zoschke
F. Scott Petersen
David W. Jurgens

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Dorn, C., Mayers, R. B., Buis, H., Timberlake, G. P., Bruggink, D. J., Bruins, E. J., Wacome, D., Clark, B. M., Wyper, G., Pennings, B., Petroelje, S. L., Blok, A., Meredith, A. J., Tiessen, T. L., Hoeksema, R. J., Vunderink, R. W., Zoschke, P. W., Petersen, F. S., & Jurgens, D. W. (2000). Book Reviews. Reformed Review, 54(1), 57-76. Retrieved from
Fackre, Gabriel. Affirmations and admonitions : Lutheran decisions and dialogue with Reformed, Episcopal, and Roman Catholic churches; Webber, Robert. Ancient-future faith : rethinking evangelicalism for a postmodern world; Webster, J. B. (John Bainbridge), 1955- . Barth's moral theology : human action in Barth's thought; Rae, Scott B. Bioethics : a Christian approach in a pluralistic age; Mathews, Thomas F. The clash of gods : a reinterpretation of early Christian art; Hart, D. G. (Darryl G.). Dictionary of the Presbyterian & Reformed tradition in America; Hutcheson, Richard G., 1921-2012. The divided church : moving liberals & conservatives from diatribe to dialogue; Van Huyssteen, J. Wentzel (Jacobus Wentzel), 1942- . Essays in postfoundationalist theology; Chittister, Joan. Heart of flesh : a feminist spirituality for women and men; Bauckham, Richard. Hope against hope : Christian eschatology at the turn of the millennium; Achtemeier, Paul J. Inspiration and authority : nature and function of Christian Scripture; Wimberly, Edward P., 1943- . Moving from shame to self-worth : preaching and pastoral care; Wold, Donald J., 1945- . Out of order : homosexuality in the Bible and the ancient Near East; House, Renée. Patterns and portraits : women in the history of the Reformed Church in America; Childers, Jana. Performing the Word : preaching as theatre; Hanko, Herman C. Portraits of faithful saints; Duck, Ruth C., 1947- . Praising God : the Trinity in Christian worship; Banks, Robert, 1939- . Reenvisioning theological education : exploring a missional alternative to current models; Beeke, Joel R., 1952- . Reformed confessions harmonized; Gregersen, Niels Henrik, 1956- . Rethinking theology and science : six models for the current dialogue; Dawn, Marva J. A royal waste of time : the splendor of worshiping God and being church for the world; Jeeves, Malcolm A., 1926- . Science, life, and Christian belief : a survey of contemporary issues; Finney, Paul Corby. Seeing beyond the word : visual arts and the Calvinist tradition; Moreland, James Porter, 1948- . Three views on creation and evolution; Spinks, Bryan D. To glorify God : essays on modern Reformed liturgy; Gushee, David P., 1962- . Toward a just and caring society : Christian responses to poverty in America; Calvin, Jean, and Stuart Olyott. Truth for all time : a brief outline of the Christian faith; Fudge, Edward. Two views of hell : a biblical & theological dialogue Hedrick, Charles W. When history and faith collide : studying Jesus; Armstrong, Donald, III. Who do you say that I am? : Christology and the Church
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