Reflections on Christian maturity

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Richard C. Oudersluys


The editor's kind invitation to contribute some pages on this theme pushed me into a pensive mood. What made him think I know something about maturity? What do I know about it? My advanced and advancing years (I am now past ninety), while not irrelevant, should not deceive the reader. The old are not necessarily mature nor are the mature always old. Most of us have heard more than once those quips about "old heads on young shoulders" and "no fool like an old fool." Chronological age simply provides a vantage point of accumulated events and experiences that makes possible some reflection and life-review, which in turn may bear significantly on what we now term maturity. Since I now have chronological age on my side, let me do a little life-review and reflection and recount something of my personal journey toward the cherished goal of maturity.

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Spiritual life -- Christianity; Maturation (Psychology); Aging -- Religious aspects -- Christianity