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Peter Van Elderen
Paul W. Zoschke
Arie Blok
Donna Rathert
Edward H. Schreur
Ronald L. Redder
Troy Nanninga
J. David Muyskens
Ralph W. Vunderink
F. Scott Petersen
Donna Rathert

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Van Elderen, P., Zoschke, P. W., Blok, A., Rathert, D., Schreur, E. H., Redder, R. L., Nanninga, T., Muyskens, J. D., Vunderink, R. W., Petersen, F. S., & Rathert, D. (2000). Book Reviews. Reformed Review, 53(3), 246-254. Retrieved from
Pobee, John S. African initiatives in Christianity : the growth, gifts and diversities of indigenous African Churches - a challenge to the ecumenical movement; Bregman, Lucy. Beyond silence and denial : death and dying reconsidered; Grudem, Wayne A. Bible doctrine : essential teachings of the Christian faith; Benner, David G. Care of souls : revisioning Christian nurture and counsel; Jeter, Joseph R. Crisis preaching : personal and public; Sproul, R.C. Getting the Gospel right : the tie that binds evangelicals together; Ward, Pete. God at the mall : youth ministry that meets kids where they're at; Johnson, Ben Campbell. Imagining a church in the spirit : a task for mainline congregations; Bavinck, Herman, 1854-1921. In the beginning : foundations of creation theology; Bandy, Thomas G., 1950- . Moving off the map : a field guide to changing the congregation; Ariarajah, S. Wesley. Not without my neighbour : issues in interfaith relations; Blocher, Henri. Original sin : illuminating the riddle; Dittes, James E. Pastoral counseling : the basics; Scifres, Mary J. Searching for seekers : ministry with a new generation of the unchurched
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