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Christopher B. Kaiser
Ronald L. Redder
George Brown
Mark G. McKim
Harry Buis
Glenn Wyper
Paul W. Zoschke
Michael E. Hambley
F. Scott Petersen
Nathan Brownell
Robert J. Hoeksema
Peter Van Elderen
David W. Jurgens
Terrance L. Tiessen
Christopher Dorn
Paul W. Zoschke
Ronald B. Mayers
Michael E. Hambley
Daniel J. Adams
Donald K. McKim
Joshua E. Blunt
J. David Muyskens
Timothy L. Brown

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Kaiser, C. B., Redder, R. L., Brown, G., McKim, M. G., Buis, H., Wyper, G., Zoschke, P. W., Hambley, M. E., Petersen, F. S., Brownell, N., Hoeksema, R. J., Van Elderen, P., Jurgens, D. W., Tiessen, T. L., Dorn, C., Zoschke, P. W., Mayers, R. B., Hambley, M. E., Adams, D. J., McKim, D. K., Blunt, J. E., Muyskens, J. D., & Brown, T. L. (1999). Book Reviews. Reformed Review, 53(1), 66-86. Retrieved from
Van Buren, Paul Matthews, 1924- . According to the scriptures : the origins of the gospel and of the church's Old Testament; Volf, Miroslav. After our likeness : the church as the image of the trinity; Warren, Michael, 1935- . At this time, in this place : the spirit embodied in the local assembly; Burson, Scott R., and Jerry L. Walls. C. S. Lewis & Francis Schaeffer : lessons for a new century from the most influential apologists of our time; Schwarz, Hans, 1939- . Christology; Balla, Péter. Challenge to New Testament theology : an attempt to justify the enterprise; Armstrong, John H. The compromised church : the present evangelical crisis; Evans, Craig A. Eschatology, messianism, and the Dead Sea scrolls; Drimmelen, Rob van. Faith in a global economy : a primer for Christians; Harrington, W. Frank. First comes faith : proclaiming the Gospel in the church; Bierma, Lyle D. German Calvinism in the confessional age : the covenant theology of Caspar Olevianus; Kydd, Ronald. Healing through the centuries : models for understanding; Turner, Max, 1947- . The Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts : in the New Testament church and today; Mast, Gregg, 1952- . In remembrance and hope : the ministry and vision of Howard G. Hageman; Scoville, Gordon. Into the vacuum : being the church in the age of barbarism; Meadors, Edward P., 1964- . Jesus, the messianic herald of salvation; Throckmorton, Burton H. (Burton Hamilton), 1921- . Jesus Christ : the message of the Gospels, the hope of the church; Bloesch, Donald G., 1928-2010. Jesus Christ : Savior & Lord; Wells, Ronald, 1941- . Keeping faith : embracing the tensions in Christian higher education; Hughes, Richard T. (Richard Thomas), 1943- . Models for Christian higher education : strategies for survival and success in the twenty-first century; Grenz, Stanley J. (Stanley James), 1950-2005. The moral quest : foundations of Christian ethics; Johnson, William Stacy. The mystery of God : Karl Barth and the postmodern foundations of theology; Rumscheidt, Barbara. No room for grace : pastoral theology and dehumanization in the global economy; Bonda, J., 1918- . The one purpose of God : an answer to the doctrine of eternal punishment; Kässmann, Margot. Overcoming violence : the challenge to the churches in all places; Kok, John H. Patterns of the Western mind : a reformed Christian perspective; Rohls, Jan, 1949- . Reformed confessions : theology from Zurich to Barmen; Cragg, Kenneth, 1913-2012. The secular experience of God; Hoedemaker, L. A. Secularization and mission : a theological essay; Brownson, James V. Speaking the truth in love : New Testament resources for a missional hermeneutic; Keener, Craig S., 1960- . The Spirit in the Gospels and Acts : divine purity and power; Chan, Simon. Spiritual theology : a systematic study of the Christian life; Gunton, Colin E. The triune creator : a historical and systematic study; Gay, Craig M. The way of the (modern) world, or, Why it's tempting to live as if God doesn't exist; Burgess, John P., 1954- . Why Scripture matters : reading the Bible in a time of church conflict
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