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Kuyper, Abraham, 1837-1920. Abraham Kuyper : a centennial reader; Talbert, Charles H. The Apocalypse : a reading of the Revelation of John; Michaels, J. Ramsey. Revelation; Malina, Bruce J. On the genre and message of Revelation : star visions and sky journeys; Scudder, Lewis R., 1941- . The Arabian Mission's story : in search of Abraham's other son; Hearn, Walter R. Being a Christian in science; Rice, Howard L. A book of Reformed prayers; Swart, Morrell F. The call of Africa : the Reformed Church in America Mission in the Sub-Sahara, 1948-1998; Brackney, William H. Christian voluntarism : theology and praxis; Heslam, Peter S. (Peter Somers). Creating a Christian worldview : Abraham Kuyper's Lectures on Calvinism; Lundin, Roger. Disciplining hermeneutics : interpretation in Christian perspective; Gunton, Colin E. The doctrine of creation : essays in dogmatics, history and philosophy; Israel, Martin. Doubt : the way of growth; Kilner, John Frederic. Genetic ethics : Do the ends justify the genes?; Walton, John H., 1952- . The IVP Bible background commentary : Genesis--Deuteronomy; Comenius, Johann Amos 1592-1670. The labyrinth of the world and the paradise of the heart; Marcic, Dorothy. Managing with the wisdom of love : uncovering virtue in people and organizations; Fackre, Gabriel. The meaning of Revelation; Guder, Darrell L., 1939- . Missional church : a vision for the sending of the church in North America; Newport, John P., 1917- . The New Age movement and the biblical worldview : conflict and dialogue; Eslinger, Richard L. Pitfalls in preaching; Carroll, John T., 1954- . Preaching the hard sayings of Jesus; Stephens, Bruce M. The prism of time and eternity : images of Christ in American Protestant thought; QuickVerse 5.0, Deluxe edition; Hoeksema, Herman. Ready to give an answer : a catechism of reformed distinctives; Cutsinger, James S., 1953- . Reclaiming the great tradition : Evangelicals, Catholics & Orthodox in dialogue; Parratt, John. Reinventing Christianity : African theology today; Gestrich, Christof. The return of splendor in the world : the Christian doctrine of sin and forgiveness; Van de Weyer, Robert. Roots of faith : an anthology of early Christian spirituality to contemplate and treasure; Finger, Thomas N. Self, earth & society : alienation & trinitarian transformation; Hoezee, Scott, 1964- . Speaking as one : a look at the ecumenical creeds; Mohler, R. Albert, Jr., 1959- . Theological education in the Evangelical tradition; Lüdemann, Gerd. The unholy in Holy Scripture : the dark side of the Bible; Everding, H. Edward. Viewpoints : perspectives of faith and Christian nurture; Eberts, Harry W. We believe : a study of the Book of confessions for church officers; Clark, Kelly James, 1956- . When faith is not enough; Torrance, James. Worship, community & the triune God of grace
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