Features of the Missional Church : Some Directions and Pathways

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George R. Hunsberger


Along with many others, I have come to use the language of "missional church" to describe the manner of church life and identity necessary for the churches of North America as we move into the uncharted waters of a post-Christian and postmodern world. This is not without a certain potential for ambiguity. The term "missional" picks up the freight of all the ways people have become accustomed to thinking about "missions" or about "missionaries." To many, the mere hint of the word carries them off to distant places and cultures, or if the reference point is closer to home, to distinctly "other" ethnic groups than their own or to people in deprived economic circumstances. To most, the word connects immediately with activities, projects, or programs in which the church goes out to those arenas and does something.

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Mission of the church; Church and the world; Church renewal