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Peter Van Elderen
Michael Van Hamersveld
Glenn Wyper
Donald A. McCabe
Paul M. Smith
Elden Stielstra
Peter Van Elderen
Terrance L. Tiessen
Ronald B. Mayers
Lance Wonders
Barry L. Wynveen
Robert A. Coughenour
Jaeseung Cha
Robert J. Palma
Donald A. McCabe
Harry Buis
Robert J. Hoeksema
Sylvio J. Scorza
Stanley A. Rock
Glenn Wyper
James I. Cook
Mark G. McKim
Bill Boersma

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Van Elderen, P., Van Hamersveld, M., Wyper, G., McCabe, D. A., Smith, P. M., Stielstra, E., Van Elderen, P., Tiessen, T. L., Mayers, R. B., Wonders, L., Wynveen, B. L., Coughenour, R. A., Cha, J., Palma, R. J., McCabe, D. A., Buis, H., Hoeksema, R. J., Scorza, S. J., Rock, S. A., Wyper, G., Cook, J. I., McKim, M. G., & Boersma, B. (1998). Book Reviews. Reformed Review, 52(1), 57-77. Retrieved from
Sepúlveda, Juan. The Andean highlands : an encounter with two forms of Christianity; Muller, Richard A. (Richard Alfred), 1948- . Biblical interpretation in the era of the Reformation : essays presented to David C. Steinmetz in honor of his sixtieth birthday; Jones, Serene, 1959- . Calvin and the rhetoric of piety; Overman, Dean L. A case against accident and self-organization; Braaten, Carl E., 1929- . The catholicity of the Reformation; Rediger, G. Lloyd. Clergy killers : guidance for pastors and congregations under attack; Banks, Robert, 1939- . The complete book of everyday Christianity : an A-to-Z guide to following Christ in every aspect of life; Martin, Ralph P. Dictionary of the later New Testament & its developments; Larson, Edward J. (Edward John). A different death : euthanasia & the Christian tradition; Naylor, Thomas H. 1936- . Downsizing the U.S.A.; Dyrness, William A. Emerging voices in global Christian theology; Wainwright, Geoffrey, 1939- . For our salvation : two approaches to the work of Christ; McGrath, Alister E., 1953- . The genesis of doctrine : a study in the foundations of doctrinal criticism; Pattel-Gray, Anne. Indigenous Australia : a dialogue about the word becoming flesh in aboriginal churches; Bloesch, Donald G., 1928-2010. Jesus Christ : Savior & Lord; Song, Choan-Seng, 1929- . Jesus in the power of the spirit; Collins, John J. (John Joseph), 1946- . Jewish wisdom in the Hellenistic age; Chŏng, Chae-sik, 1930- . Korea : the encounter between the gospel and neo-Confucian culture; Morrison, John Douglas. Knowledge of the self-revealing God in the thought of Thomas Forsyth Torrance; Hawkins, Thomas R. The learning congregation : a new vision of leadership; Wells, David F. Losing our virtue : why the church must recover its moral vision; Clements, Keith. Learning to Speak: The Church's Voice in Public Affairs; Barker, Kenneth L. The Making of the NIV; Dykstra, Linda Hertel. Marriage : owner's manual; Eaton, Michael A., 1942- . No condemnation; Kruse, Colin G. Paul, the law, and justification; Ramachandra, Vinoth. The recovery of mission : beyond the pluralist paradigm; Metzger, Bruce M. (Bruce Manning), 1914-2007. Reminiscences of an octogenarian; Dekker, Gerard, 1931- , Donald A. Luidens, and Rodger R. Rice. Rethinking secularization : reformed reactions to modernity; Gill, David W., 1946- . Should God get tenure? : essays on religion and higher education; Pearl, Chaim. Theology in rabbinic stories; Pobee, John S. Towards viable theological education : ecumenical imperative, catalyst of renewal; Childs, Brian H., 1947- . The treasure of earthen vessels : explorations in theological anthropology in honor of James N. Lapsley; Sire, James W. The universe next door : a basic world view catalog; Hastings, Celia M. The wisdom series : a Bible survey curriculum for adults
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