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Stephen Mathonnet-VanderWell
Robert L. McLeod
David E. Timmer
Burrell Pennings
Ronald B. Mayers
Alice M. Hartmans
John Jaeger
Harry Buis
Eugene P. Heideman
Terrance L. Tiessen
Robert L. McLeod
Donald Wacome
Barbara Pekich
Mark E. Mast
F. Scott Petersen
Mark G. McKim
Tom Schwanda
Verlyn D. Hemmen

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Mathonnet-VanderWell, S., McLeod, R. L., Timmer, D. E., Pennings, B., Mayers, R. B., Hartmans, A. M., Jaeger, J., Buis, H., Heideman, E. P., Tiessen, T. L., McLeod, R. L., Wacome, D., Pekich, B., Mast, M. E., Petersen, F. S., McKim, M. G., Schwanda, T., & Hemmen, V. D. (1997). Book Reviews. Reformed Review, 51(2), 133-148. Retrieved from
Stassen, Glen Harold, 1936-2014. Authentic transformation : a new vision of Christ and culture; Buchanan, John M. Being church, becoming community; Williams, Lewin L. The Caribbean : enculturation, acculturation and the role of the churches; George, K. M. The early church : defending the faith, witness and proclamation : patristic perspectives; Schmiechen, Peter. Christ the reconciler : a theology for opposites, differences, and enemies; Cohn-Sherbok, Dan. The crucified Jew : twenty centuries of Christian anti-Semitism; McKim, Donald K. Westminster dictionary of theological terms; Bria, Ion. Ecumenical pilgrims : profiles of pioneers in Christian reconciliation; Sauter, Gerhard. Eschatological rationality : theological issues in focus; Zenger, Erich, 1939-2010. A God of vengeance? : understanding the Psalms of divine wrath; Sproul, R. C. (Robert Charles), 1939- . Grace unknown : the heart of reformed theology; Siker, Jeffrey S. Homosexuality in the church : both sides of the debate; Detrich, Richard Lewis. How to recover from grief; Horn, Robert C. How will they know if I'm dead? : transcending disability and terminal illness; Harper, Charles. Impunity : an ethical perspective : six case studies from Latin America; Anderson, Ray Sherman. Ministry on the fireline : a practical theology for an empowered church; Phillips, Timothy R. (Timothy Ross), 1950- . The nature of confession : evangelicals & postliberals in conversation; Arnold, Johann Christoph, 1940- . A plea for purity : sex, marriage & God; Cleary, William. Prayers to She who is; Grenz, Stanley J. (Stanley James), 1950-2005. A primer on postmodernism; Reid, Patrick V. Readings in Western religious thought, vol II: the Middle Ages Through the Reformation; Cobb, John B. Reclaiming the church; Boyd, Jeffrey H. Reclaiming the soul : the search for meaning in a self-centered culture; Ryken, Leland. Redeeming the time : a Christian approach to work and leisure; Conway, Jim, and Sally Conway. Sexual harassment no more; Peterson, Eugene H., 1932- . Subversive spirituality; Forrester, Duncan B., 1933- . The true church and morality : reflections on ecclesiology and ethics; Holman, Charles L. Till Jesus comes : origins of Christian apocalyptic expectation; James, David C., 1955- . What are they saying about masculine spirituality?; Jewett, Paul King. Who we are : our dignity as human : a neo-evangelical theology
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