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Eugene P. Heideman
George P. Timberlake
Ralph W. Vunderink
Mark G. McKim
Don Christensen
Francis Fike
Harry Buis
Thomas A. Kopecek
Glenn Wyper
Robert J. Hoeksema
Donald A. McCabe
Terrance L. Tiessen
David W. Jurgens
John M. Scholte
Burrell Pennings
David E. Timmer
Christopher B. Kaiser

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Heideman, E. P., Timberlake, G. P., Vunderink, R. W., McKim, M. G., Christensen, D., Fike, F., Buis, H., Kopecek, T. A., Wyper, G., Hoeksema, R. J., McCabe, D. A., Tiessen, T. L., Jurgens, D. W., Scholte, J. M., Pennings, B., Timmer, D. E., & Kaiser, C. B. (1997). Book Reviews. Reformed Review, 51(1), 53-69. Retrieved from
Jacobson, Jeanne M. Albertus C. Van Raalte : Dutch leader and American patriot; Newman, Gene. All God's children : ministry with disabled persons; Robert, Dana Lee. American women in mission : a social history of their thought and practice; Meilaender, Gilbert, 1946- . Bioethics : a primer for Christians; Campbell, Ted. Christian confessions : a historical introduction; Hart, D. G. (Darryl G.). Defending the faith : J. Gresham Machen and the crisis of conservative Protestantism in modern America; Scott, Drusilla, Lady, 1911- . Everyman revived : the common sense of Michael Polanyi; Gillespie, Thomas W., 1928- . The first theologians : a study in early Christian prophecy; Wright, N. T. (Nicholas Thomas). For all God's worth : true worship and the calling of the church; Wright, N. T. (Nicholas Thomas). The Lord and his Prayer; Tweyman, Stanley. Hume on miracles; Grant, Robert M. (Robert McQueen), 1917-2014. Jesus after the Gospels : the Christ of the second century; Reid, Jennings B., 1913- . Jesus, God's emptiness, God's fullness : the christology of St. Paul; Boers, Hendrikus. The justification of the Gentiles : Paul's letters to the Galatians and Romans; Roorda, Garrett C. The little stone church on Cow Pasture Corner : a history of the Montclair Heights Reformed Church, Upper Montclair, New Jersey, 1897-1972; Jeeves, Malcolm A., 1926- . Mind fields : reflections on the science of mind and brain; Pittman, Don Alvin, 1948- . Ministry and theology in global perspective : contemporary challenges for the church; Crowell, Rodney J. Musical pulpits : clergy and laypersons face the issue of forced exits; Campbell, John McLeod, 1800-1872. The nature of the Atonement; Wright, N. T. (Nicholas Thomas). The original Jesus : the life and vision of a revolutionary; Sell, Alan P. F. The philosophy of religion, 1875-1980; Chilton, Bruce. Pure kingdom : Jesus' vision of God; Jung, L. Shannon (Loyle Shannon), 1943- . Agria. Rural congregational studies : a guide for good shepherds; Lutzer, Erwin W. The serpent of paradise : the incredible story of how Satan's rebellion serves God's purposes; Barth, Karl, 1886-1968. The theology of John Calvin; Vanhoozer, Kevin J. The Trinity in a pluralistic age : theological essays on culture and religion; Edelman, Diana Vikander, 1954- . The triumph of Elohim : from Yahwisms to Judaisms
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