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Verlyn D. Hemmen
Elton J. Bruins
Tom Schwanda
Donald Wacome
Michael A. Danner
Rick DeBruyne
Joyce E. Carroll
Eugene P. Heideman
Sylvio J. Scorza
Daniel J. Adams
Harry Buis
Terrance L. Tiessen
F. Scott Petersen
Don Christensen
David W. Jurgens

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Hemmen, V. D., Bruins, E. J., Schwanda, T., Wacome, D., Danner, M. A., DeBruyne, R., Carroll, J. E., Heideman, E. P., Scorza, S. J., Adams, D. J., Buis, H., Tiessen, T. L., Petersen, F. S., Christensen, D., & Jurgens, D. W. (1996). Book Reviews. Reformed Review, 50(2), 133-147. Retrieved from
Metzger, Bruce M. (Bruce Manning), 1914-2007. Breaking the code : understanding the Book of Revelation; Virkler, Henry A. Broken promises; Graham, Stephen Ray, 1957- . Cosmos in the chaos : Philip Schaff's interpretation of nineteenth-century American religion; Tripp, Diane Karay. Daily prayer in the Reformed tradition : an initial survey; Ferguson, Kitty. The fire in the equations : science, religion, and the search for God; Lee, Bernard J., 1932- . The future church of 140 BCE : a hidden revolution; Swetland, Kenneth L. The hidden world of the pastor : case studies on personal issues of real pastors; Hoekstra, Harvey Thomas, 1920- . Honey, we're going to Africa!; Thiselton, Anthony C. Interpreting God and the postmodern self : on meaning, manipulation, and promise; Young, Brad, 1955- . Jesus the Jewish theologian; Sanford, John A. Ministry burnout; Goldingay, John. Models for Interpretation of Scripture; Vroom, H. M., 1945- . No other gods : Christian belief in dialogue with Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam; Barrett, C. K. (Charles Kingsley), 1917- . Paul : an introduction to his thought; Peterson, David, 1944- . Possessed by God : a New Testament theology of sanctification and holiness; Page, Sydney H. T., 1944- . Powers of evil : a biblical study of Satan and demons; Torrance, Thomas F. (Thomas Forsyth), 1913-2007. Preaching Christ today : the Gospel and scientific thinking; Clifford, Paul Rowntree. The reality of the kingdom : making sense of God's reign in a world like ours; Anderson, Herbert, 1936- , and Susan B. W. Johnson, 1955- . Regarding children : a new respect for childhood and families; Govig, Stewart D. Souls are made of endurance : surviving mental illness in the family; McGrath, Alister E., 1953- . Spirituality in an age of change : rediscovering the spirit of the reformers; Deere, Jack. Surprised by the power of the Spirit : a former Dallas Seminary professor discovers that God speaks & heals today; Barron, Robert, 1959- . Thomas Aquinas : spiritual master; Lüdemann, Gerd. What really happened to Jesus : a historical approach to the Resurrection
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