Faith and Politics : A View From City Hall

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George K. Heartwell


"Should the Commission of the City of Grand Rapids adopt ordinance amendments to protect citizens from discrimination in housing, employment and access to public accommodation that result from the gender orientation of those citizens?"

The Reformed Review has offered me the opportunity to explore the ways in which my faith impacts my political decision-making around a particular, difficult issue. It is the issue of civil rights for gay and lesbian people that I have chosen to explore. My purpose is not to advocate a position on that issue so much as to investigate the process of arriving at a conclusion on which to base a decision requiring a vote. I have organized the piece as follows: (1) background; (2) an exploration of the issues of faith that were raised; (3) a consideration of the faith and religious practice which informed my decision making; and, (4) a look at some larger issues which this decision raises that have implications for political decision-making.

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Christianity and politics; Politics in the Bible; Christian life -- Biblical teaching; Social justice; Homosexuality -- Biblical teaching; Gay rights