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Donald K. McKim
Glenn Wyper
Ronald B. Mayers
Matt Draffen
Stephen Mathonnet-Vander Well
Eugene P. Heideman
Barbara Pekich
Francis Fike
Tom Schwanda
Daniel M. Griswold
Sylvio J. Scorza
Harry Buis
Christopher B. Kaiser
Peter M. Paulsen
Stanley A. Rock
Michael Van Hamersveld
Alice M. Hartmans
F. Scott Petersen

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McKim, D. K., Wyper, G., Mayers, R. B., Draffen, M., Mathonnet-Vander Well, S., Heideman, E. P., Pekich, B., Fike, F., Schwanda, T., Griswold, D. M., Scorza, S. J., Buis, H., Kaiser, C. B., Paulsen, P. M., Rock, S. A., Van Hamersveld, M., Hartmans, A. M., & Petersen, F. S. (1996). Book Reviews. Reformed Review, 50(1), 55-74. Retrieved from
Harrisville, Roy A. The Bible in modern culture : theology and historical-critical method from Spinoza to Käsemann; Young, Davis A. The biblical Flood : a case study of the Church's response to extrabiblical evidence; Gunton, Colin E. A brief theology of revelation : the 1993 Warfield Lectures; Sine, Tom. Cease fire : searching for sanity in America's culture wars; Gunton, Colin E. Christ and creation; Schlossberg, Herbert. Christianity & Economics in the Post-Cold War Era; Hunsberger, George R. The church between Gospel and culture : the emerging mission in North America; Hollyday, Joyce. Clothed with the sun : Biblical women, social justice, and us; Vroon Rienstra, Marchiene. Come to the feast : seeking God's bounty for our lives and souls; Bent, A. J. van der (Ans Joachim). Commitment to God's world : a concise critical survey of ecumenical social thought; Klinken, Jaap van. Diakonia : mutual helping with justice and compassion; Arnold, Heini, 1913-1982. Discipleship; Day, Peggy Lynne. Gender and difference in ancient Israel; Oakes, Edward T. German Essays on Religion; Holwerda, David E. (David Earl), 1932- . Jesus and Israel : one covenant or two?; Wilkins, Michael J. Jesus under fire: modern scholarship reinvents the historical jesus; Neusner, Jacob, 1932- . Judaism and Christianity in the age of Constantine : history, Messiah, Israel, and the initial confrontation; Old, Hughes Oliphant. Leading in prayer : a workbook for worship; Vallet, Ronald E., 1929- . The mainline church's funding crisis : issues and possibilities; Vanderzee, John T. (John Thomas), 1948- . Ministry to persons with chronic illnesses : a guide to empowerment through negotiation; Hooker, Morna Dorothy. Not ashamed of the Gospel : New Testament interpretations of the death of Christ; Dawn, Marva J. Reaching out without dumbing down : a theology of worship for the turn-of-the-century culture; Hart, D. G. (Darryl G.). Reckoning with the past : historical essays on American evangelicalism from the Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals; McGrath, Alister E., 1953- . Reformation thought : an introduction; Blenkinsopp, Joseph, 1927- . Sage, priest, prophet : religious and intellectual leadership in ancient Israel; Taylor, Charles W., 1937- . The skilled pastor : counseling as the practice of theology; Downs, Perry G. Teaching for spiritual growth : an introduction to Christian education; Tamburello, Dennis E., 1953- . Union with Christ : John Calvin and the mysticism of St. Bernard; Stokes, Allison, 1942- . Women pastors; Webber, Robert. Worship, old and new : a biblical, historical and practical introduction; Mojzes, Paul. Yugoslavian Inferno: Ethnoreligious Warfare in the Balkans
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