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Thomas K. Johnson
Don W. Battjes
Ralph W. Vunderink
J. David Muyskens
Alice M. Hartmans
Elton J. Bruins
Glenn Wyper
John C. Koedyker
Michael A. Danner
Arie Blok
Robert J. Hoeksema
Eugene P. Heideman
Larry Klaaren
Joyce E. Carroll
Michael Van Hamersveld
Barbara Pekich
Larry Klaaren
David W. Jurgens
Paul R. Meyerink
Ronald B. Mayers
Barry L. Wynveen
Frank J. Shearer
Donald Wacome
George Ralph

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Johnson, T. K., Battjes, D. W., Vunderink, R. W., Muyskens, J. D., Hartmans, A. M., Bruins, E. J., Wyper, G., Koedyker, J. C., Danner, M. A., Blok, A., Hoeksema, R. J., Heideman, E. P., Klaaren, L., Carroll, J. E., Van Hamersveld, M., Pekich, B., Klaaren, L., Jurgens, D. W., Meyerink, P. R., Mayers, R. B., Wynveen, B. L., Shearer, F. J., Wacome, D., & Ralph, G. (1996). Book Reviews. Reformed Review, 49(3), 209-229. Retrieved from
Ellul, Jacques, 1912-1994. Anarchy and Christianity; Fulkerson, Mary McClintock, 1950- . Changing the subject : women's discourses and feminist theology; Griffioen, S., 1941- . Christian philosophy at the close of the twentieth century : assessment and perspective; Astell, Ann W. Divine representations : postmodernism and spirituality; Ellis, Marc H. Ending Auschwitz: The Future of Jewish and Christian Life; Walther, James Arthur. Ever a frontier : the bicentennial history of the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary; Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. Ezekiel, I. Chapters 1-12; Siemon-Netto, Uwe. The Fabricated Luther: The Rise and Fall of the Shirer Myth; Kaisch, Ken, 1948- . Finding God : a handbook of Christian meditation; Olevian, Caspar, 1536-1587. A firm foundation : an aid to interpreting the Heidelberg Catechism; Browning, Don S. A fundamental practical theology : descriptive and strategic proposals ;Janssen, Allan J., 1948- . Gathered at Albany : a history of a classis; Mahedy, William P. A generation alone : Xers making a place in the world; Isichei, Elizabeth Allo. A history of Christianity in Africa : from antiquity to the present; Kaiser, Walter C., Jr. (Walter Christian), 1933- . An introduction to biblical hermeneutics : the search for meaning; Schüssler Fiorenza, Elisabeth, 1938- . Jesus : Miriam's child, Sophia's prophet : critical issues in feminist Christology; Küng, Hans, 1928- . Judaism : between yesterday and tomorrow; Küng, Hans, 1928- . Christianity, history, and future; Miller, Calvin. Marketplace preaching : how to return the sermon to where it belongs; Stein, Robert H., 1935- . The method and message of Jesus' teachings; Tinker, George E. Missionary conquest : the Gospel and Native American cultural genocide; Reichenbach, Bruce R. On behalf of God : a Christian ethic for biology; Newbigin, Lesslie. The open secret : an introduction to the theology of mission; Pinnock, Clark H., 1937- . The openness of God : a biblical challenge to the traditional understanding of God; Hamilton, William, 1924-2012. A quest for the post-historical Jesus; Sargent, Tony. The sacred anointing : the preaching of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones; Rae, Murray. Science and theology : questions at the interface; George, K. M. The silent roots : Orthodox perspectives on Christian spirituality; Nordholt, J. W. Schulte (Jan Willem Schulte), 1920-1995. So much sky; Westerhoff, John H. Spiritual life : the foundation for preaching and teaching; Pousson, Edward K. Spreading the flame : charismatic churches and missions today; Pinnock, Clark H., 1937- . Unbounded love : a good news theology for the twenty-first century
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