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Sylvio J. Scorza
Eugene P. Heideman
Robert J. Rook
Francis Fike
Alice M. Hartmans
George P. Timberlake
John C. Hutt
Harry Buis
David W. Jurgens
Daniel J. Adams
Don W. Battjes
Raymond E. Weiss
Barbara Pekich
Peter M. Paulsen
Arie Blok
Tom Schwanda
Juno Smalley
Matt Draffen
T. Y. Okosun
Rick Christy
Donald Wacome
Christopher B. Kaiser
Ronald B. Mayers
Donald K. McKim
Stephen Van Dop
John C. Koedyker
David E. Timmer
Glenn Wyper

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Scorza, S. J., Heideman, E. P., Rook, R. J., Fike, F., Hartmans, A. M., Timberlake, G. P., Hutt, J. C., Buis, H., Jurgens, D. W., Adams, D. J., Battjes, D. W., Weiss, R. E., Pekich, B., Paulsen, P. M., Blok, A., Schwanda, T., Smalley, J., Draffen, M., Okosun, T. Y., Christy, R., Wacome, D., Kaiser, C. B., Mayers, R. B., McKim, D. K., Van Dop, S., Koedyker, J. C., Timmer, D. E., & Wyper, G. (1995). Book Reviews. Reformed Review, 49(2), 134-157. Retrieved from
Long, V. Phillips. The Art of Biblical History; Placher, William C. (William Carl), 1948-2008. Belonging to God : a commentary on A brief statement of faith; Stone, Howard W. Brief pastoral counseling; Buttrick, David, 1927- . A captive voice : the liberation of preaching; Aden, LeRoy. Christian perspectives on human development; Clark, David C. Clergy response to suicidal persons and their family members : an interfaith resource books for clergy and congregations; Elmer, Duane, 1943- . Cross-cultural conflict : building relationships for effective ministry; Hick, John, 1922-2012. Death and eternal life; Brown, Raymond E. (Raymond Edward), 1928-1998. The death of the Messiah : from Gethsemane to the grave : a commentary on the Passion narratives in the four Gospels; Erickson, Millard J. Evangelical interpretation : perspectives on hermeneutical issues; Victor Raj, A.R. The Hindu connection : roots of the new age; Kroeger, Richard Clark. I suffer not a woman : rethinking 1 Timothy 2:11-15 in light of ancient evidence; VanElderen, Marlin. Introducing the World Council of Churches; March, W. Eugene. Israel and the Politics of Land: A Theological Case Study; Anderson, Herbert, 1936- . Leaving home; Hunt, Josh. Let it grow! : changing to multi-congregation churches; Sample, Tex. Ministry in an oral culture : living with Will Rogers, Uncle Remus, and Minnie Pearl; Oropeza, B.J. 99 reasons why no one knows when Christ will return; Plantinga, Cornelius, 1946- . Not the way it's supposed to be : a breviary of sin; Bos, A. David. A practical guide to community ministry; Hall, Douglas John, 1928- . Professing the faith : Christian theology in a North American context; Batts, Sidney F. The Protestant wedding sourcebook : a complete guide for developing your own service; Murray, Iain Hamish. Revival and revivalism : the making and marring of American evangelicalism 1750-1858; David, Kenith A. Sacrament and struggle : signs and instruments of grace from the downtrodden; Smedes, Lewis B. Sex for Christians : the limits and liberties of sexual living; Juengst, Sara Covin. Sharing faith with children : rethinking the children's sermon; Pearcey, Nancy R. The Soul of Science: Christian Faith and Natural Philosophy; Goulder, M. D. St. Paul versus St. Peter : a tale of two missions; Grudem, Wayne A. Systematic theology : an introduction to biblical doctrine; Pannenberg, Wolfhart, 1928- . Systematic theology, volume 2; Ladd, George Eldon, 1911-1982. A theology of the New Testament; Pannenberg, Wolfhart, 1928-2014. Toward a theology of nature : essays on science and faith; Rosenberg, Roy A. The Veneration of Divine Justice: The Dead Sea Scrolls and Christianity; Champlin, Joseph M. The visionary leader : how anyone can learn to lead better; Hodgson, Peter Crafts, 1934- . Winds of the Spirit : a constructive Christian theology; Letham, Robert. The work of Christ; Neusner, Jacob, 1932- . World religions in America : an introduction; Greef, W. de (Wulfert), 1939- . The writings of John Calvin : an introductory guide; Aageson, James W., 1947- . Written also for our sake : Paul and the art of biblical interpretation; Berlin, Adele. Zephaniah : a new translation with introduction and commentary (The Anchor Bible, v. 25A)
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