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Art DeGelder
F. Scott Petersen
Alice M. Hartmans
T. Y. Okosun
Stephen Van Dop
Thomas Bartha
Daniel G. Deffenbaugh
George P. Timberlake
F. Scott Petersen
Tom Schwanda
Joyce E. Carroll
Donald Wacome
Matt Draffen
Susan Hartt
Larry Klaaren
John C. Hutt
John M. Scholte
Elton J. Bruins
Harry Buis
David W. Jurgens
Roger A. Arendse
Christopher B. Kaiser
Thomas K. Johnson
Glenn Wyper
Don W. Battjes
Stephen Mathonnet-VanderWell
Eugene P. Heideman
Robert J. Hoeksema
T. Y. Okosun
Sylvio J. Scorza
Paul R. Meyerink
Ralph W. Vunderink
Barry L. Wynveen
Ronald B. Mayers
Barbara Pekich

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DeGelder, A., Petersen, F. S., Hartmans, A. M., Okosun, T. Y., Van Dop, S., Bartha, T., Deffenbaugh, D. G., Timberlake, G. P., Petersen, F. S., Schwanda, T., Carroll, J. E., Wacome, D., Draffen, M., Hartt, S., Klaaren, L., Hutt, J. C., Scholte, J. M., Bruins, E. J., Buis, H., Jurgens, D. W., Arendse, R. A., Kaiser, C. B., Johnson, T. K., Wyper, G., Battjes, D. W., Mathonnet-VanderWell, S., Heideman, E. P., Hoeksema, R. J., Okosun, T. Y., Scorza, S. J., Meyerink, P. R., Vunderink, R. W., Wynveen, B. L., Mayers, R. B., & Pekich, B. (1995). Book Reviews. Reformed Review, 49(1), 48-77. Retrieved from
Killen, Patricia O'Connell. The art of theological reflection; Sell, Alan P. F. Aspects of Christian integrity; Anderson, Herbert, 1936- . Becoming married; Goudzwaard, B. Beyond poverty and affluence : toward an economy of care, with a twelve-step program for economic recovery; Icenogle, Gareth Weldon. Biblical foundations for small group ministry : an integrative approach; Long, Thomas G., 1946- . A Chorus of witnesses : model sermons for today's preacher; Guthrie, Shirley C., 1927- . Christian doctrine; Dunn, James D. G., 1939- . Christian liberty : a New Testament perspective; Thiemann, Ronald F. Constructing a public theology : the church in a pluralistic culture; Peterson, Eugene H., 1932- . The contemplative pastor : returning to the art of spiritual direction; Smith, Donald K., 1929- . Creating understanding : a handbook for Christian communication across cultural landscapes; Moreland, James Porter, 1948- . The Creation hypothesis : scientific evidence for an intelligent designer; Carter, Stephen L., 1954- . The culture of disbelief : how American law and politics trivialize religious devotion; Outerbridge, Ian W. Ecclesiastical minefields; Wells, David F. God in the wasteland : the reality of truth in a world of fading dreams; Ortiz, Manuel, 1938- . The Hispanic challenge : opportunities confronting the church; Smith, Donald P., 1922- . How to attract and keep active church members; Maatman, Russell. The Impact of Evolutionary, Theory: A Christian View; Oberman, Heiko Augustinus. The impact of the Reformation : essays; Kaiser, Walter C., Jr. (Walter Christian), 1933- . An introduction to biblical hermeneutics : the search for meaning; Swartley, Willard M., 1936- . Israel's scripture traditions and the Synoptic Gospels : story shaping story; Borg, Marcus J. Jesus in contemporary scholarship; Charlesworth, James H. The Messiah : developments in earliest Judaism and Christianity; Clouser, Roy A., 1937- . The myth of religious neutrality : an essay on the hidden role of religious belief in theories; Gaustad, Edwin S. (Edwin Scott). Neither king nor prelate : religion and the new nation, 1776-1826; McDonald, H. D. (Hugh Dermot). The New Testament concept of the Atonement : the gospel of the Calvary event; Brown, Cheryl Anne, 1949- . No longer be silent : first century Jewish portraits of biblical women; Nelson, J. Robert (John Robert), 1920- . On the new frontiers of genetics and religion; Hall, David W., 1955- . Paradigms in polity; Yoder, John Howard. The politics of Jesus : behold the man! our victoriuos lamb; Pazmiño, Robert W., 1948- . Principles and practices of Christian education : an evangelical perspective; Roberts, J. Deotis (James Deotis), 1927- . The prophethood of Black believers : an African American political theology for ministry; Helm, Paul. The providence of God; Chandler, Russell. Racing toward 2000: the forces shaping America's religious future; Nelson, Richard D. (Richard Donald), 1945- . Raising up a faithful priest : community and priesthood in biblical theology; Noll, Mark A., 1946- . The scandal of the evangelical mind; Patterson, Ben, 1942- . Serving God; the grand essentials of work & worship; Peters, Ted, 1941- . Sin : radical evil in soul and society; Peacocke, A. R. (Arthur Robert). Theology for a scientific age : being and becoming--natural and divine; Hoge, Dean R., 1937-2008. Vanishing boundaries : the religion of mainline Protestant baby boomers; Kettler, Christian D. The vicarious humanity of Christ and the reality of salvation; Erickson, Millard J. Where is theology going?; Procter-Smith, Marjorie. Women at worship : interpretations of North American diversity
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