Introduction to This Issue

The Publications Committee of Western Theological Seminary is pleased to present this issue of the Reformed Review on the topic of “Open Theism.”

The issue opens with an up-to-date statement and clear defense of Open Theism by its leading proponent, John Sanders. Professor Sanders also gives the reader good insight into the theological controversy among North American evangelicals that this new “school” of theology has sparked. Three response papers then follow: I. John Hesselink, who offers a theological critique; Brian Keepers, who offers a pastoral critique; and Celaine Bouma-Prediger, who offers a critique from the perspective of a Christian counselor and spiritual director. These three careful, creative responses will stir the readers’ thoughts to come to their own conclusions about the strengths and weaknesses of Open Theism.

If I may be indulged a brief personal note, this is the last issue of the Reformed Review that I will be editing. I have enjoyed this work during the last seven years, and I wish to thank all those who served with me on the Publications Committee of Western Theological Seminary and the staff of the journal. Please join me in welcoming the new editor of the Reformed Review, Christopher Dorn, a Western Theological Seminary M.Div. graduate and recent Ph.D. graduate of Marquette University.