Introduction to This Issue

The Reformed Review is pleased to present this issue on the Belhar Confession. These papers are revisions of those presented at the 2005 RCA Symposium on the Belhar Confession sponsored by the General Synod Professors of Theology.

The lead essay in this issue is by Paul Fries, recently retired professor of theology at New Brunswick Theological Seminary. Fries carefully sets our consideration of the Belhar in the context of our other creeds and confessions. More importantly, Fries challenges the church to consider deeply what it means to confess, and what confessing the Belhar may mean for us. A concise response to Fries is given by Seth Kaper-Dale.

The next main essay is by Douglas Fromm, who sets the Belhar in its South African context, both historically and theologically. He also considers how the Belhar appeals to churches beyond South Africa. Gregg Mast then leads the discussion forward with reflections on Fromm’s essay.

The Publications Committee and the authors of this issue hope that it will contribute positively to theology and life in the Reformed Church in America, and other denominations as well, as we consider the place of the Belhar Confession in our life.